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Painting Drawings – Music Musicians

Children’s illustration – Pencil theme

CD Cover – Vincent Poag

Commercial Portraits

Book Illustrations

Paintings 2011

5 min Whiteboard Animation

Illustration for “história às cores”

Children’s book – “The Old Man who painted Pigeons”

Musicians Painting Project

Ficus macrophyla scientific illustration

Bean Pastry Box

Startup caricature illustration

Children’s book illustration

Website Illustration – Black Book Cooking

CD Cover Illustrations for Roland Digh

The Owl and the Pussycat Illustration

Fruit Illustration

Storefront Illustration Postcard

Expressive Portraits

Poster Illustration

Children’s book illustrations for Riacho de Prata

Dance Drawings

Scientific Illustration – Stippling

Scientific Illustration – Opuntia ficus indica

VOLK CD/Vinyl Illustration

Painting 2006

Food Preparation Illustrations for VHL

Book Cover Illustration

Animation – Transaction Story Animation

Painting / Drawing – Personal Fine Arts Project

Academic Portraits

Cake Box Illustration and Design